UNCG Art Department
Digital Art and Design

Welcome to the Digital Art and Design Studio

We offer a broad range of advanced technology for digital art creation.
Our students are involved in many areas of art and design; including web, graphic, 3D, video, interactive, illustration, printmaking, and more.

Studio Schedule

Mon-Thur: 9a-10p
Fri: 11a-5p
Sat: 2p-6p
Sun: 4p-8p


Breaking these rules may get you removed from the studio, dropped from your class, or barred from studio use.

The Studio is exclusively for UNCG Art Department students, faculty, and staff.
Others must be enrolled in a digital art class or have special permission.

Printers are only to be used for assignments from a digital art class.
Inkjet Prints are priced by the square meter.
Contact a studio assistant for help purchasing prints with your FirstCard.

No Food or Drink allowed near computers or equipment.

Do not attempt to alter, repair, damage, or steal Studio Equipment.
Studio Equipment must not leave the studio at any time!

Clean up after yourself at all times.
Your workstation area must be clean when you leave it, even if it was dirty when you arrived.

Save and Backup your work frequently, always have copies!
USB or Firewire drives are a necessity while working, blank CD-R and DVD-R discs are recommended for permanent backup.

Be respectful of others; especially Faculty, Staff, and Studio Assistants.
Student assistants are in charge of the studio while working and must be obeyed.

Torrents and Illegal File Sharing are strictly forbidden!


Digital Studio Technician: Arton Ragsdale - earagsda@uncg.edu