UNCG Art Department
Digital Art and Design

Digital Design Studio


General Studio, Room 132

Our general studio is used to teach fundamental through intermediate digital design courses.
It features 22 computers, several Epson 8.5"x11" transparency scanners, a Nikon Film scanner (up to medium format),
a high-end NEC data projector and two 24" large format Epson printers (Ultrachrome ink).
This is where students are introduced to the core skill set they will use as they advance through the design program.

Print and Prep, Room 130

The print and prep room is always open for use during studio hours.
It contains two Epson 8.5"x11" transparency scanners, an Epson 11"x17" transparency scanner,
a Microtek 8.5"x11" transparency scanner (glassless large format film scanning), two Nikon film scanners (up to medium format),
44" and 24" Epson large format printers (Ultrachrome K3 ink), a color HP laser printer, and a black and white HP laser printer.
Wacom tablets are available for studio use, including a 21" Wacom Cintiq screen.
Digital still and video cameras are available for students to check out, along with DV decks for in-studio video capturing.
A large work table and all the tools to cut large prints and mattes provide an excellent space for finishing work.
A student assistant or technician is available at all times to help with any questions or problems students may encounter.

Advanced Studio, Room 128

Advanced courses in digital design are taught in this smaller space where professors and students may interact more closely.
16 high-end computers and dual monitor setups provide more power and space when tackling more challenging problems.
This room has an excellent NEC projector, a 24" Epson printer (Ultrachrome) and a
44" Epson large format printer with photographic ink for large proofs.
Here students can hone their skills and knowledge in anticipation of the professional design industry.


All of our computers are professional level, multiple processor Apple Macintosh workstations.
All feature at least 2 GB of RAM and large hard drives to accomodate large video or photographic projects.
High-end graphics cards allow for excellent three dimensional work.
Our computers are paired with Apple, Lacie, and Wacom monitors for excellent color reproduction.
We use hardware color calibrators to ensure the best accuracy possible.
Firewire 800 ports allow for fast transfer of data to external drives.


We run a large selection of design software covering most aspects of digital design.

Examples of our most used software:

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for raster and vector editing.
Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture for RAW image format management.
Adobe Indesign and Quark Express for page layout.
Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion and Shake for motion graphics and compositing.
Final Cut Pro for video editing.
Dreamweaver, Flash, and BBEdit for web design.
Maxon Cinema 4D and Autodesk Maya for 3D design.
Apple Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro for Sound editing.
Fontlab for typography.